Who we are:
At Second Baptist Church, we are committed to honoring Christ by building unity while embracing diversity and by ministering to the world around us.

Second’s members do so by gathering for worship, formation, and fellowship together, and scattering to serve in a wide array of hands-on missions. Men and women serve as equal partners in all our ministries.

At any time you may find our members providing short-term shelter to the homeless, mentoring a family in a transitional living situation, partnering with community organizations to provide food and clothing to vulnerable neighbors, ministering to people in prison, serving abroad through our South Africa Ministry Network partnership with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, and more.

We are known as a “moderate” congregation, but there is nothing moderate about our commitment to love God and live like we do!

Our Church Covenant:
Since it is through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord, that we have discovered God as Father, and because we seek to follow Him, we do solemnly covenant with each other…

  • That we will walk together in love;
  • That we will exercise concern and watchfulness over each other;
  • That we will remember each other in prayer;
  • That we will participate in each other’s joys and endeavor with tenderness and sympathy to bear each other’s burdens and sorrows;
  • That we will strive earnestly for Christian fulfillment within our homes;
  • That we will seek through faithful example to so live that others will be drawn to our Savior and Lord;
  • That we will not forsake the assembling of ourselves together for worship;
  • That we will give regularly of our means to support a faithful ministry in our community, one that extends to the distant places of the earth.

Who we are associated with:
Second Baptist Church is a Christian congregation in the Baptist tradition that enjoys a wide variety of partnerships globally and locally. Some of the groups with which we voluntarily affiliate are: